5 of Our Favorite Educational Toys for Kids

Here is a short list of educational toys that we love. To make the list, the toy has to be open ended, teach kids while they play, and it can never feel like learning for the kid!

1) Modarri (modarri.com)

We couldn’t resist. We truly believe that Modarri cars are one of the absolute best educational toys for kids. Why? Modarri cars fuel creative, open-ended play where kids are constantly using their imagination to design new cars and drive them in awesome new ways. They also teach the foundations of mechanical engineering because all of the parts are easily exposed and kids can see how the linkages and mechanics work for the suspension and steering. Furthermore, Modarri cars are an excellent introduction to using tools and developing fine motor skills, there 9 retained screws that won’t fall out, which allow your child to change 11 pieces in whatever way they can imagine – resulting in millions of possible car designs.Design Build Drive Infographic (1)modarri delux singles cropped_1080

2) Legos (lego.com)

This is about as open ended and creative as toys get, every kid can benefit from legos because it opens up their willingness to let go of “how things should be” and just start building from their imagination. They are also a great intro into the fundamentals of building, and mathematics. The only draw back with these toys is the amount of pieces, choking hazard with small pieces (or hazard to parent’s feet!), and long build process. star wars lego

3) Elenco’s 6-in-1 Educational Solar Kit (https://www.fatbraintoys.com/toy_companies/elenco_electronics_inc/6_in_1_educational_solar_kit.cfm)

Here is a cool one, teach your kids about solar power with this six-in-one educational solar kit from maker play. Let them discover the invisible forces that surround them while learning to build using motors, mechanics and electricity. 

4) Snap Circuits Jr. Select (http://www.hearthsong.com/six-in-one-educational-solar-kit.htm)

Educate your child on circuitry and electricity at an early age with this awesome snap-grid set. This is a great logic learning toy that will also encourage creative exploration. There are 130 unique experiments for your child to explore and learn from. ee094

5) Fort Magic (http://fortmagicstore.com/products/fort-magic-kit)

Because what kid doesn’t love to build their own play environment from their imagination? Forget the cardboard boxes, chairs, and sheets, fort magic takes your child’s fort building abilities to a whole new level. The kit comes with 354 pieces that kids can use to build unlimited amounts of fort designs, or sculptures. This is a great kit for encouraging creativity, and imaginative play – while also teaching fundamentals of framework construction.